We interrupt this discussion about The Racket to bring you…


It’s been almost four years, and our customers have been asking for them just about that long, we finally have t-shirts and hoodies for The Shakedown!

Now, there’s a little extra twist that goes along with the sale of this fine ware. Here’s the thing, our sound equipment has been pummeled for almost four years now. It’s about time for some serious upgrades. But we need a little (okay, a lot) of extra cash for that. And we want to find that cash the good ol’ fashioned way: SELL STUFF!
Proceeds from Shakedown merch and gift certificate (coming soon) sales will go towards sound equipment maintenance and upgrades.
You look better. We sound better.




Ladies cut, sizes S-XXL, $15




Mens cut, sizes S-XXXL, $15




Hoodies, sizes S-XXXL, $30



Stop by to purchase. Or very soon, we’ll have them available online to order and even ship!