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  If you’ve been by The Shakedown recently, you may have noticed the plastic sheet up where two pinball machines used to be. After what seemed to be an eternity in the city permitting phase of things, an approval was in hand and the Daylight (the building owners) crew immediately started taking down walls and […]

Oliver of the Bellingham Business Journal did a lovely piece about The Shakedown and our expansion. It can be found here.      

The reclaimed wood gods shined upon us yet again. A friend recommended we talk with GR PlumeĀ out in Ferndale about ideas for making a bartop. Gordon Plume showed us a few huge douglas fir beams that he said were reclaimed, from the building of a CASKET MAKER. With a story like that, obviously, we and […]

While we’re working with a pretty tight budget for creating The Racket, there are a few bits and pieces we wanted to be unique and not look like we just happened to come across them in the used section of the restaurant supply store. We started scouring local salvage places for materials we might somehow […]

The Racket will have a 100 CD jukebox. What album would you put in there?      

See those pictures up there? The first includes a For Rent sign in the window. The second doesn’t. That’s because we just signed a lease to expand into our neighboring space! (Oh, and it’s now harshly apparent that the fabric in the windows of The Shakedown that was black 3.5 years ago is no longer […]