Adult Art Classes: Bad Movie Posters For Bad Artists

Adult Art Classes: Bad Movie Posters For Bad Artists

Ages 21+
Adult Art Classes: Bad Movie Posters For Bad Artists

Ever wanted to do one of those learn to paint while drinking wine art classes for adults? Well we have a twist on it and it’s way less bougie and you definitely won’t be walking out with a painting of a boring sunset. Last time we had a hoot and a half, and this time won’t be any different!

Drinks are available from the Racket so you can get so drunk your painting will look like a Michelangelo…until you wake up anyways!

This time we’ll have a fun twist on the holidays….TV/Movie VILLIANS! Choose from your favorite slasher films and Tv Series. I’ll have a fireside holiday inspired pre-sketched canvas for you to paint up as ridiculous as you like! Choose from these Gems below:


Darth Vader-Star Wars

Freddy Kruger-Nightmare on Elm St

Jason-Friday the 13th


The Joker-Batman

Leather face-Chainsaw Massacre


Hannibal Lector-Silence of the Lambs


The Borg Queen-Star Trek

Mr.Burns-The Simpsons



Creature from the black lagoon

Annie Wilkes-Misery



Dwight Shrute-The Office

Satan-The Bible

Even if you paint these badly, they will be EPIC!

Cost is $25 a participant and all materials are provided….just not booze ya lush!

Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225