Animal Backwards, Service Animal, Bobby Petite

Animal Backwards

Service Animal, Bobby Petite

Ages 21+
Animal Backwards, Service Animal, Bobby Petite

“Fueled by 5 blissful hook driven tracks, Seattle's Animal Backwards impress on their latest E.P. "Count To Five". "Throwing Shade At Aquaman" starts things off with it's guitar laced melodies and matter of fact vocal attack that has a late 80's college rock attitude to it all. "Count To Five" comes off like a cross between Kraftwerk and the sounds of a late night Infomercial for a "ground breaking" psychedelic drug that promises you a longer lasting life while "Me Too" is full of vibrant chiming guitars that sets an overall "feel good" presence. The sonic blast know as "When The Sky Flashed Red" is a flourishing romp into shoegaze territory that is both blissful and enlightening. It's shimmering guitars and soothing tempo make it one of their best tracks yet. A fine example of a band that continue to evolve and expand their sound with each recording. Highly recommended.”

Service Animal is a Seattle-born band est. 2012. This five-piece outfit plays music that scratches a storied itch of late-Bowie-esque songwriting, offering vivid blasts of wide-eyed 90s indie rock and electro-pop that will both move you physically, and stimulate you mentally. Service Animal's sets pull from the swaying, teetering brink of the critical, to the bombastic celebration of being alive. Known for layered arrangements that keep audiences on their toes, this band's narrative occupies a long-form, containing a rich cross-section of influences spanning the last decade of the band's development. Built on foundations and ambitions that carry through to their music, Service Animal is about honing the art of the climb.

Andrew Bailey (guitar, vocals), Justin Joyce (guitar), Emma Staake (keys, vocals), Christine Kelly (bass), and Gregg Anderson (drums).

Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225