Incanus, Bear Axe, Mount Saturn

Mount Saturn

Bear Axe, Incanus

Ages 21+
Incanus, Bear Axe, Mount Saturn

Bear Axe

Led Zeppelin meets Lead Belly. Rooted in prog-rock with a thunder of soul, Seattle band BEARAXE is a triumphant sweep of rebellion with a shot glass full of liberation. A mulit-faceted vocal texture is paired with evocative guitar solos by Matthew Williams and heart-thumping jams by Jon Lemmon and Oz LaBrae.

This band self identifies as a three piece and a biscuit, combining the bone shaking vocals of soul- singer Shaina Shepherd with an electrified fusion of funk, jazz and proto-punk.

Their debut EP “Last Call” is an unapologetically chaotic story of Black Feminism produced by Grammy award winning, rock and roll legend Jack Endino. “Last Call” dives into the pain and pleasure of a self-inflicted party.

BEARAXE has been rocking dive bars across the Northwest since the summer of 2016 -- headlining shows at historic Seattle venues like The Central Saloon, Hardrock Cafe, Chop Suey and Tractor Tavern -- all while merging their unique brand of storytelling with the low-lit grit of the Seattle grunge movement.

Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225