The Beautiful Freaks, No Plug, Razzleberry

The Beautiful Freaks

No Plug, Razzleberry

Ages 21+
The Beautiful Freaks, No Plug, Razzleberry

Beautiful Freaks is a Bellingham WA based band that plays an eclectic and encompassing brand of rock music ranging in style from punk, to progressive, to funk, to thrash, and everything in between. Founding members James Bonaci and Peter Bryson formed the band shortly after meeting atop Mt. Denali. Interests include, playing music, battling evil doers abroad, and disappointing our parents.

No Plug has been inspired by a diverse wave of new music from the progressive mind of Ben Haggerty to the unforgiving lyrical ambitiousness of Billy Joe Armstrong. This is how Portland, OR based multi-instrumentalist Austin Frost presents this project. With deep synthesizers, and heavy guitar-work, No Plug is taking over the Portland-metro area.

Razzleberry is an indie punk boy band in Bellingham, Wa

Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225