Guitar Wolf, Isaac Rother & the Phantoms, Machine Animal

Guitar Wolf

Isaac Rother & the Phantoms

Machine Animal

Thu, June 29, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$14.00 - $16.00

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This event is 21 and over

Guitar Wolf
Guitar Wolf
Guitar Wolf (Japanese: ギターウルフ) is a Japanese garage rock power trio founded in Nagasaki in 1987. The band is known for songs with piercing vocals and an extremely loud style of noise-influenced punk which emphasizes heavy distortion and feedback. They coined the phrase "jet rock 'n' roll", which they also use to describe their musical style – an energetic cross between the Ramones, Link Wray, rockabilly, 77 punk, and garage rock. The band is part of Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Records division.

Guitar Wolf has released nine studio albums internationally as well as a live album, numerous singles, and a retrospective compilation called Golden Black. The band members have also been featured in two B-grade science fiction horror movies: Wild Zero and Sore Losers. A collection of Guitar Wolf's most popular videos and live performances have been compiled into a limited edition DVD entitled Red Idol. In March 2005, bassist and founding member Billy, also known as Bass Wolf, died of a heart attack at the age of 38. His replacement in the band, bassist U.G., has become a permanent member of Guitar Wolf and now rounds out the trio which currently consist of band members Seiji (Guitar Wolf): U.G. (Bass Wolf); and Toru (Drum Wolf).
Isaac Rother & the Phantoms
Isaac Rother & the Phantoms
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms call back to an era where rock n' roll was simple and dangerous. The voodoo magic of early rock n' rollers such as Bo Diddley and Screaming Jay Hawkins is seamlessly fused with tough 60's groups like the Animals and the tongue in cheek humor of classic novelty hits like Wooly Bully and Surfin' Bird. Today, with the world of music literally at our fingertips, the camp and ritual of rock n' roll has almost been forgotten, residing mainly in the stories and recordings of the past. Isaac Rother and the Phantoms bring back the golden mystic of this past. They do so with top notch musicianship and hard rockin' original material, rendering them a cut above the rest. Behold… The Unspeakable Horror of Isaac Rother & The Phantoms!

"Isaac Rother is an imposing figure. On stage, he commands a unique and mystifying attention from the audience as the Phantom and his band revive the sounds of rock n roll's nativity in a majestic and awe-inspiring sonic assault. With all the intensity of punk rock and the heart and soul of what first made rock n roll such an exciting movement, Issac Rother & The Phantoms are here to frighten mere mortals with a formidable groove and terrifying ferocity, reminding us all that rock will never die – like the host of the undead, The Phantoms won't stop until they've conquered the world." - Jake Hook, The Alternative Review

"Fronted by lead ghoul, Mr. Rother himself, the Los Angeles-based outfit pool musical influences like the Stooges and Screamin' Jay Hawkins with a love of horror and B-movies to create a sort of gothic doo wop sound that lies somewhere between rock, punk and soul." - PureVolume

"It's farcical theater and greasy retro rock 'n' roll mixed together in a cauldron and served up with a grin and a wink. No mopey indie rock here, thank God! It's nice to see an Angeleno mining such fertile and underrepresented territory." - Jason Gelt, LA Record
Machine Animal
Machine Animal
With machine-like precision and animal magnetism, Machine Animal has entered Mach II. Actually, Mach II.5.

Anthony “Beer Bunny” Navarro, also of Bellingham deuce The Second Hand Suits has replaced Bill “Beard Bunny” Anker on drums. Anthony makes tons of intense faces when he plays, and will use with his hands when necessary. Kind of like a drum machine animal.

The band has also gone to a platoon system for fat strings. Original bassist Vincent Blackshadow will represent the band east of the Continental Divide. Chris Coyle, the easy-breathing leader of Sir Coyler and his Asthmatic Band, from Seattle, will hold down the west coast basslines.

Dave Crider and Zack Van Houton will continue shotgunning beers and finishing each other’s sentences. “This new lineup gives us more flexibility plus way more intense faces behind the drums,” said Dave before Zack added “Sharks are rad!”

The whole thing started in 2016 when Dave & Zack got drunk and a turn-up contest broke out. It was like a rock and roll arms race—extreme guitardation. A rhythm section was added and made things even louder and more dumb.

They liked the name Animal Machine, but something wasn’t quite right. They all wanted to be the singer, so they made a rule that no one wasn’t the singer. The songs were so fuckin’ dumb. Just dumber than dirt. Dumber than that horse you fucked. Bonehead rock. Inspired by some of the dumbest 70s hard rock & glam rock songs & bands, the dumb just kept getting dumber. Dumb and Loud—like an animal.

Shows. Shirts. Shit. Shinola. The skull-numbing down-dumbing Live in Wreck b/w Devil Woman single on California’s Valley King Records. The beards and bunny suits. The beers and balloon animals. A lifetime of decibels tamped into one year.

The first year…

Actually, Machine Animal works better than Animal Machine…

Machine Animal is:
Zack Van Houten (Black Beast Revival, Machine Animal) Tele, vox
Dave Crider (Mono Men, Watts, Dt’s, Machine Animal) SG, vox
Vincent Blackshadow (Sweet Invicta, Machine Animal) SG bass guitar, vox [Mid-west Div]
Anthony Navarro (The Second Hand Suits, Machine Animal) drums, vox
Chris Coyle (Sir Coyler and His Athsmatic Band, Machine Animal) SG bass guitar, vox [West Coast Div]
Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N. State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225