The Spider Ferns, J GRGRY, Gibraltar

The Spider Ferns



Sat, June 17, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

The Spider Ferns
The Spider Ferns
The Spider Ferns are an electronic Trip-Rock duo that aim to hypnotize.. Tim Basaraba, Seattle promoter and journalist for has called them.. 'one of the most mesmerizing duos in the history of Seattle Rock'..

Their music fuses a rich tapestry of heady poetry, washing over a back drop of dark beats and carefully crafted melodic soundscapes that drive you to dance. The dynamism that exists between Kelly & Alton Fleek, a husband & wife duo, translates elegantly into the language of sound. Alton's ephemeral and heavy guitar riffs are a lush chemistry that combine with Kelly's unique bass lines, supporting her gently soaring vocals, where words hang and drop in ethereal threads, escaping predictability at every turn. The heavy timbre of their organic beats and driving bass lines are deeply rooted with a rock infused pulse.

The Spider Ferns can turn on a dime & wash over you with a beautifully unique blend of jazz laced chords spun into a psychedelia that will leave you breathless. The Spider Ferns were named #5 in's '14 Bands to Watch in 2014'.. This duo continues to share the stage with national & international touring acts that include Ringo Deathstarr and SXSW international favorites, JoyCut.

Never afraid to push the boundaries of thier music.. The Spider Ferns continually expand and experiment with sound.. making the music they want to hear.. inviting the listener into a sonically suspended moodscape.
Joe Gregory is J GRGRY, but J GRGRY isn't Joe Gregory. Let me explain.

As a recording and performing artist, Joe Gregory resides at the intersection of tradition and evolution. After half a lifetime spent making music, he's finally realized his grand vision, perfecting an emotional, accessible style of soaring electro-pop balladry. With a new collection of songs, a new band and a handful of major performances on the horizon, Gregory is simultaneously starting over and staking his claim, building from hard-fought experiences and copious influences a sound that's completely fresh and entirely his own.

In the fall of 2015, Gregory spent a week recording with engineer and producer Robert Cheek at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, California, a laid-back and state-of-the art facility, and another week Cheek's studio inside an old Sonic Boom Records store in Seattle. The strength of Gregory's songs convinced Mark Needham, a veteran of the Los Angeles rock scene who's worked with Steely Dan and the Killers, to engineer. These eight songs define Joe Gregory in the present moment. They echo with the Linn-drum-and-synthesizer songcraft of '80s hitmakers like Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode and Phil Collins, spun anew for an iPhone generation, infused equally with dark ambiance and hummable hooks.

For his recent breakout performances in Seattle and New York, leading to major festival and showcase gigs through the summer and fall, Gregory has drawn together a full band of compatriots. Cheek is on-board, as is powerhouse Seattle guitarist Ryan Leyva and drummer Steven Barci. Like Gregory, each of these players is a veteran of the industry, relentless in their drive to create and share their music. To reflect their contribution to Gregory's vision and the collective effort of four equal individuals, the band performs under the moniker J GRGRY. Less Joe Gregory, more of everyone else.

As personal as J GRGRY's music is, dredged from the heartbreak and desperation of Joe Gregory's past, these songs are also universal, the hallmark of great writing. One after another, they speak to challenge and triumph, addiction and redemption. It's the same all-too-human cycle that has brought J GRGRY, together with their audience, to the here and now.
Exploring the harmonic vision of bands like Television and Built To Spill, and using the sonic, gender, and emotional situations of Lou Reed’s "Transformer" as inspiration, founding member Aaron Starkey created Gibraltar to seek out what he didn't know about himself, finding catharsis in the search.

Along with Starkey, pianist Holly Houser, drummer Nick Biscardi, and bassist Gwen Stubbs complete a sound Influenced by rock’s most creative outbursts: 70’s hard rock, 80’s punk/new wave, and 90’s alternative; Gibraltar makes a feel-good formula sound new again. Angular guitars buzz, Nicky Hopkins-like piano chimes, and yearning vocal melodies amp tension while encouraging anthemic sing-alongs. The sound is dark and moody, laden with memorable hooks.

"Let's Get Beautiful", the forthcoming full-length set to be released in March 2017, finds the band returning to collaborae with Matt Bayles at the helm. Gibraltar fully explores a sound captured primarily with live tracking.

"Our goal for this album," says Houser "was a more spacious, stripped down sound that highlights carefully-crafted interplay between instruments, providing moments of tension and release."
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