The Terps, Bobby Petite, Nineteen Eighty D

The Terps

Bobby Petite

Nineteen Eighty D

Wed, January 23, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$6.00 - $8.00

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This event is 21 and over

The Terps
The Terps
The Terps are a 3 piece fusion band with heavy rock and funk influences. Our music takes elements from jazz, hip hop, rock, and combines them in a tastefully terpy way.
Bobby Petite
Bobby Petite
Bobby Petite is a band mixing the genres of jazz/rock and psychedelic/soul founded in Bellingham, Washington by the 3 core members (Oli)via Moseley (vocals/bass), Bella Cole-Preciado (drums), and Ryan Barney (guitar). All 3 bandmates are from the Seattle metropolitan area. Oli and Bella having been childhood friends only just got into contact with Barney in the Spring of 2018.
Currently attending Western Washington University the trio became introduced during one of Bella’s annual art gallery/open mic events hosted at her house. Barney having previously played drums in the Seattle based act “Pants” but had found new satisfaction in playing guitar, backlogging “riffs” and stacking up solid lead guitar parts, he invited the others to jam at his house soon after the event. Bella and Oli’s longtime friendship quickly transcended into Bobby Petites rhythm section. Oli, an experienced vocalist picked up the bass to accompany the bands solid sound and Bella honed in her skills as a drummer.
The trio started to jam and experiment with ideas, creating 5 new songs in their first session. Having a collective background in performance art, they valued the natural high achieved while playing together. The pure nature of the art they created as a group motivated them to share this raw energy with their friends.
Simply put Bobby Petite is a no-frills band that creates art for music lovers. With a keen sense of direction, this band aims to gain a following by consistent live performance. Similar to the business model of the Grateful Dead, and the no holds barred attitude of Freddie Mercury, Bobby Petite brings sauce and soul to their frequent live performances. The band is currently working towards recording songs and touring regionally in the Pacific Northwest.
Nineteen Eighty D
Nineteen Eighty D
Nineteen Eighty D is a dance rock group hailing from Friday Harbor, Washington. The Duo began collaborating in 2013, setting the foundation for their unique sound that can best be described as a mix between Ratatat and Vampire Weekend.
When Nineteen Eighty D locks into a propulsive groove, it’s hard to believe that only two musicians are on stage. Tawm Perkowski uses foot pedals to loop the sounds of his guitar and beatboxing (vocal percussion) into crisp, uplifting tunes that lock into the driving, multi-layered bass guitar rhythms of Avery Adams. The duo generates an irresistible dance pulse, with Adams showing off his animated footwork to draw people closer to the stage, while Perkowski’s beatboxing keeps them up and moving.
“We have a lot of fun playing simple songs that get people on their feet,” Perkowski says. “I choreograph the loops to keep things interesting, then Avery comes in and plays his rousing bass lines over the top. There’s nothing pre-recorded. It’s a bit elaborate technically, in terms of the live looping, but we produce simple, upbeat songs.”
Since creating Nineteen Eighty D, the duo has been filling clubs, playing countless house parties and winning fans at local outdoor festivals. Although they’re based in Friday Harbor, a small town on San Juan Island - located between Seattle and Victoria, BC - they have national ambitions.
Perkowski and Adams started collaborating on the music that would become the set list of Nineteen Eighty D in 2013. “I'm a drummer that got bored with drums,” Perkowski says. “I was good, but I didn’t feel like I was getting better. At one point, I decided I wanted to start writing songs on guitar.” Composing tunes and learning how to play guitar went hand in hand, but soon Perkowski was hearing things he couldn’t reproduce alone. “I bought a loop pedal for my guitar and started jamming and experimenting with it,” Perkowski says.
Adams and Perkowski had crossed paths several times over the years and often considered collaborating. Perkowski is a trained sound engineer and producer. When he produced an album for one of the bands Adams played in, they clicked. “I moved in with Tawm and we spent a long winter working on the material that ultimately shaped the band,” Adams says. “We entertained the idea of getting a drummer, but the beatboxing solved the problem of having to haul drums around and juggle big personalities. If you can get along with someone for a couple of hours here and there, without letting your egos run wild, you’re likely good band mates.”
Like Perkowski, Adams was a drummer/guitarist who moved from band to band, looking for the ideal situation. After moving in with Perkowski, they decided to start a new band and began writing songs, but had trouble finding compatible musicians to fill their ranks. “I kept experimenting with the looping pedal and started beat boxing to create the percussion tracks,” Perkowski says. “Avery’s a fantastic guitar player, but one day he picked up the bass I had in my studio and started playing. For the first time, everything came together.”
“When we’re on stage, everything is played live,” Adams says. “I play unlooped bass lines, which keeps the songs fluid. It allows us to contract and expand the arrangements to generate a dynamic sound that keeps us, and the audience, involved.”
Venue Information:
The Shakedown
1212 N. State St
Bellingham, WA, 98225